Placing Containers And Bottles Upside Down To Save Money
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Placing Containers And Bottles Upside Down To Save Money

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For a lot of items in containers such as ketchup it`s not uncommon to see people trying to squeeze out every last drop as you don`t want to throw away perfect good stuff. Many times though when people squeeze say the container and not much comes out anymore they simply throw the whole thing away. In reality there could be a ton of product left where simply letting the container stand upside down for a while will allow everything from the bottom to be accessible.

While things like ketchup bottles nowadays can often be purchased where the label is designed to encourage people to place the nozzle downwards there are plenty of things that people would still throw away when placing it upside-down will allow you to truly use everything up. For example, a lot of shampoo containers still have a design where most people will keep it upright with the opening facing up. Like there many people would just throw it away once they realize that squeezing it a few times yields virtually nothing.

You could literally just have it sit upside down with the nozzle downwards to guarantee that you will use virtually all of the product up. It probably adds up too if you keep throwing things like this away when there is plenty left.

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