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Perspective Of Money When You Are Struggling To Literally Survive

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It was sad today as one of my friends had to undergo brain surgery and unfortunately I was told that she hasn’t been able to wake up since. Therefore, they will be doing more surgery on her in hopes to turn things around. I was just thinking as I was talking to her before the surgery as her speeches seemed very slur. She kept telling me how she wished she could have done things differently in life and regretted not being able to do more. Of course, at that time I had a more positive outlook since it seemed like things like her operation was going better than planned.

Unfortunately she lives in a different country so this isn’t exactly like a drive to visit someone and I am not like some billionaire that has a private jet to go as I please. One of her last few words before this surgery to me was that she wanted certain people to be there and I was one of them. She even started to ask things such as would I be willing to go there if she found a way to get me there where she would cover the costs. Course putting a financial burden on her is not something I would want to do as she doesn’t live in a country where healthcare is public either. So you can imagine the cost. Although, in her slurred speech she didn’t seem to care about that.

It’s moments like these that are unfortunate I was thinking as sometimes people say you shouldn’t care about money and just live in the moment. But like in this example having money and investing in resources to enable you to openly do things when needed is sure better in the long run. Unless everyone decides to be a philanthropist all of sudden of course.

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