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Perception Value of Buying Digital Copies

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This was kind of interesting. There is this magazine publisher that has a yearly subscription base plan like most other magazines. The price is about average as it looked like it was about $30 a year. What created a little debate was how the company offered a digital version of its magazine. Basically, you would be e-mailed a pdf copy of the magazine instead and the price would remain the same. Of course, the main reason they indicated that you should do so is to save a tree.

Most people were saying how they felt that they were being overcharged for something that isn’t tangible. It seemed like people were saying that they felt the subscription fee should be at least half the price as a result. Of course, the justification from the company’s side is that it still costs them the same for the most part in terms of generating the content and the expenses that are associated with it.

I personally don’t think we are at the right time for the majority to embrace digital subscriptions like this where the prices would be the same as the tangible counterparts. Even for myself whenever I read content online I have the mentality that there is just so much free information out there that you don’t really need to pay for the material. Therefore, I need to justify it somehow such as the company giving me a physical copy. It should be pretty cheap to redistribute digital copies too and so I personally think it would be smarter to make it very inexpensive so that more people would subscribe to such items.

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