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The Perception of Making Things More Kid Friendly

drone lake balloon

I was watching this video recently of this Boston Dynamics robot dog that I have seen awhile back that looked kind of cool. Recently they showed another version that seems to be smaller and in a different color. This one is called the SpotMini and jut like before to me it looks neat. What intrigued me was how many people were apparently terrified at the original design whereas many people thing this one is in a sense cute.

I imagine the fear comes from the fact that it is a robot and people are afraid it will go out of control. But thinking about it that should fundamentally be no different even with this smaller one if that is the fear. Kind of shows hoe packaging something in a different light can completely change things. It’s an important topic for people that do any kind of business I think as often people create fantastic work but are overlooked due to the way it is presented.

I guess like here when they make it more kid friendly I guess you can say the acceptance level is greater for the tech. So much psychology to all this stuff huh?

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