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People Starting A Restaurant Business While Others Close Down

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During these times most businesses that rely on some kind of indoor service has been forced to shutdown due to COVID protocols. While many attempted to adapt by offering takeout services the sudden shutdowns that seem to pop up is just too much. As a result, restaurants that have been operating for decades are disappearing. So you would think that is the worst industry to get into at the moment correct? Funny enough, I have been reading so many stories of people actually trying to open one up at this moment.

While that may seem crazy, it might actually work in their favor because they could be literally the only person in town afterwards. Considering they are just starting out too they don’t exactly have a pre-established staff to take care of or food suppliers to manage. So they can simply grow an adapt depending on what happens. It doesn’t sound so crazy afterwards huh?

I know there have been some Canadian companies in the past that have also started during a recession of sort. The old company Futureshop comes to mind where they grew enormously afterwards. They have since been absorbed by Bestbuy. But it gets you to think that there is always an opportunity I suppose during times like these.

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