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People Opting For Non Costly Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

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I was at this event called Car Free Day here in Vancouver today where the roads were blocked off from having vehicles as people occupied the streets with various activities. There was even a wrestling ring and people were performing throughout the day it seemed. As well, since it was father’s day there seemed to be a lot of people who brought their dad to the event to spend some quality. That happened to be the main day for them too.

Guess you can say it takes some life experience to make one realize that spending time is more valuable to a person than just giving them a present. You probably don’t see it this way as a kid since you see the same people all the time. But as we get older and people have more responsibilities time seems to be one of the most precious commodities.

Makes me think that for occasions like these you can probably always find something that enables one to spend a lot of quality time that is appreciated without having to break the bank. In many ways too we have to learn that spending a lot of money on something doesn’t automatically equal thought and care. For times like these I see it more as a “time saver” where it’s like one feels the need to do something. Since people understand the difficulty in making money and then seeing someone spend it on them they have no choice but to be grateful.

I suppose it’s simply the cycle of modern day life where once you get to the point where you make enough to sustain a good lifestyle you then look for different things.

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