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People Hiding Deals For Future Sales

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I thought this was a little silly today as I went into a Target store to see what was left before it closes down permanently next week. Basically, it appeared that there were people who were hiding merchandise in odd sections which I can only assume is in anticipation for a better discount. Example, exercise DVD sets placed behind large boxes of unassembled furniture.

It’s almost like you have to play scavenger hunt when you are shopping for deals. This is actually pretty common I found and is not just limited to stores that are closing down. People do it for things as common as canned food items for example as they we all get flyers before a price change. Therefore, there are those people that try and hide items beforehand in hopes to scoop up all the good merchandise.

Silly, but it happens. You literally do need to find deals at a store under these circumstances. I never actually saw a person’s reaction though when they find out that the item was discovered and purchased.

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