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People Being Happy That The Vancouver Trump Hotel Went Bankrupt

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There seemed to be a ton of news articles today on how the Trump hotel in downtown Vancouver went bankrupt where as a result the business has suddenly closed. That name generates a lot of political discussions even here in Canada and so you can imagine how many people were celebrating. To my understanding though I believe these Trump towers aren’t actually owned by Donald Trump but rather businesses pay a licensing fee of sort to use the name.

But what this made me think is how it was mentioned that employees only learned of this news from the mainstream media like everyone else. So that means a lot of people who are now unfortunately unemployed. So imagine people still cheering at the fact that this business went under and that there are these people who will now need to find a way to earn money. Seems kind of cruel huh?

I know for myself I don’t usually celebrate that a business went bankrupt for those types of reasons. At most I would usually think along the lines of the writing was on the wall per se if they constantly gave bad customer service. Or would be have the mentality of if they hate the brand then everyone who works for it deserves financial hardship as an example?

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