Paying Too Much For Delicacy Items At Restaurants
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Paying Too Much For Delicacy Items At Restaurants

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I was treated to this Japanese restaurant yesterday and it was pretty evident that the place was on the more upscale side. I was looking at the menu and my first reaction was how little portions that this one dish was in comparison to an entrée.

Essentially, this one order simple had about 5 to 7 pieces of item on it such as these small pieces of fish (Sashimi) on it. Now the presentation of the item was really great I must say, but the fact that this order was $25 I couldn’t help but to think how crazy that was.

Just as a reference, there was this salmon teriyaki meal that was ordered too and that was $15. Just in terms of the value and portion even with that comparison juts made the $25 order seem like you are paying mostly jut because someone tells you that it is worth a lot.

I can’t help but to think this is one of those situations where the market makes the items artificially high to a certain extent too as well. I’m all for paying for quality, but am usually iffy about things like this. Speaking for myself, I never really followed the notion of paying for a “delicacy” when it comes to food. Some people say it tastes better knowing that it is more expensive, for me I enjoy it better knowing if it is a great value.

I had a good time still though and was grateful. Almost wish that they didn’t feel the need to spend too much though.

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