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Paying To Learn Non Stop

I was reading some advertisements today from people who ran a school of sort in order to teach people skills and tricks of the trade. As a result each teacher tried to sell themselves over other people in an effort to convince people to study with them of course. There was one person who specifically advertised himself as legitimate in wanting to help people succeed while expressing how other teachers want their student to continue to feel inferior in hopes to stay in a slump so that they will continually get repeat business.

I was thinking about this a bit and as sad as it is a lot of places, mostly private operated business, are usually like that. Because of this I usually try to evaluate how the intuition or say teacher tries to help its students after the program is done. The same can almost be said about various motivational programs that people pay thousands of dollars to enlist into. Of course that is not saying it is their responsibility to make sure you succeed as no one can really promise that.

Funny enough, this is one of those cases where having a big online social network for example probably helps to minimize this risk as if people know you have a large network of people who tune into your opinions and daily happening then it is pressure that people will want to make sure what they offer you is going to help you succeed.

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