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Paying To Keep Your Workers From Casually Going Out

One interesting thing during these times is that if you are part of a large product or organization as the talent then that could mean you would have to live in a bubble of sort. The company would need to essentially keep you from wandering off to places like a bar or randomly going shopping for fear that you could contract COVID. That means they would have to pay you as well to keep you there. That is one of the protocols I have seen in the film industry as well.

For example, normally when an actor books a job they would simply show up on the day and get paid according to their contract. Now it seems productions are actually booking actors in a way where they have to self-isolate until it is their day to work on set. So if they force you to self-isolate for a week until it’s time for your work they will literally pay the person to do so. That actually makes me wonder if that would be true for things such as hiring a speaker. At least for the current times.

It sure makes business a lot more expensive in many ways. But it’s better safe than sorry for liability reasons I suppose.

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