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Paying The Whole Credit Card Balance Before It Gets Posted

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It’s close to my monthly credit card cut off date in terms of a monthly balance. While usually it’s no big deal as I would simply get the bill and pay it off in full, this time I made a purchase where the sale may or may not get post by the cut off date. At the same time this date falls under a time where the bank doesn’t process any fund transactions. So therefore I pretty much have to put in the amount of credit into the card that I anticipate to be charged where it’s almost like I used cash for the purchase.

I know for a lot of people this is strange as the idea of a credit card is to use it and not worry till way later. For myself I would rather not risk paying even an extra cent of interest. If anything it’s more about not wanting to develop a bad habit where somehow a balance on your credit card translates into a debt you can hold off on.

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