Paying More Just For Value
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Paying More Just For Value

There was one thing strange about that telemarketer yesterday. Because I wasn’t going to switch to their service, one question they asked me was how much I was paying for all of my services with my current provider. I told them the price and they were shocked as it was extremely cheap. They then tried to make sure on whether or not it was a promotional price offering which it wasn’t. As you may have guessed, they couldn’t offer anything cheaper.

The guy was kind of funny though as he then told me that he could offer me a package that was about $30 a month more than what I currently paid. However, value wise I would get a lot more features and services for that price. He really pushed that point about value too. That just made me think that somewhere in the sales literature it trained the telemarketer to use that tactic in this instance. So I wonder, do people actually fall for this?

Makes more sense to keep what I currently have in this instance as it gives me what I need and for that amount of money you can buy some nice things with it.

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