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Paying More Just For The Occasion Date

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One thing that gets a little annoying in researching all the future deals in an effort to try and get the best prices is how if I need to by something now it’s kind of painful having to give in and pay say 30% or more for the item just to get it on time for an occasion. For example, recently I have been reviewing all the leaked boxing day flyers ahead of time and there happened to be items that I am buying as Christmas gifts that are going to be on sale. For example, $60 items that will be on sale for about $35.

It is literally just the next day after Christmas too. In this situation too the gift is for a child and so it’s more about the experience of the day where it’s kind of important to give the item on the actual date of the event. I have read on occasions how there are families that have made it a tradition to give any gifts say the next day after Christmas as it saves them a lot of money. Basically, celebrate the holiday on the actual day and give the materialistic items the next in an effort to save money for the family.

I doubt things like this would ever be socially acceptable on a wider scale. With that in mind it’s almost like the best way to prevent this is to simply shop for your gifts way ahead of time whenever you see a very good deal if possible as usually for these big sales they do appear during other times of the year.

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