Paying More For A Private Checkout

Paying More For A Private Checkout

This was kind of funny but I suppose it is probably more true than most of us think. Basically, there are often items that people are too embarrassed to let people know that they are buying. This could be items in the supermarket that are related to say sex or it could be a situation like a wife telling the husband to buy her some female related items which he feels weird putting in the shopping cart and having to explain it’s not for him. Because of this I was reading how people are willing to go to stores that specifically have self checkout terminals or to simply buy it online even though this meant having to pay a lot more.

Sure makes you think especially as the business on how many times you are losing a sale because a person is too embarrassed to go through a regular cashier huh? At the same time, it makes me wonder if I would be ever wiling to pay say double for a product because of these types of scenarios.

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