Paying More For A Color of An Item
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Paying More For A Color of An Item

This seems so silly but it’s a common obstacle many times when it comes to saving money. I was looking at this portable charger that seemed like it had a pretty decent sale price. While it was appealing I didn’t really like the fact that the color was so bright on it. So I looked at other color options that were available. To my surprise just a plain black one was literally seven dollars more. Would you just go for the color you don’t want in that case?

Even I have a hard time with stuff like this despite how frugal I usually am. Clothing item is probably the worst because like here there would be a huge noticeable difference between a black shirt and a purple one as an example. Although sometimes if the deal is good enough with how I am going to use it then it can be worth it. For example, last year I bought some shoes for $20 that was super cheap. The color was very bright orange though.

I still decided to get it. While it was so noticeable that people often commented about it in the end it was worth saving $80 or so since I used it for workouts too. Makes you think too like in the example above if the companies purposely make specific colors like these more expensive or if they are trying to get rid of the ones that aren’t selling.

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