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Partners And Investors With Similar Life Experiences

I was reading a story today of a person that was trying to find funding from various sources. However, everybody ignored or swayed him away as for the most part he was too small of a company to spend time with when there are bigger people to make money with. The interesting thing was how he eventually found help from a person that had the resources to do so. It wasn’t so much in trying to sell what he offered but rather his story on how he got to where he was. Example, a person that started out with nothing.

Interestingly enough, it’s that personal story that got certain people interested at first because they themselves have experienced something similar in life. That’s usually something that is overlooked where you get so caught up in trying to sell your idea when many times all it takes is a personal story that is identifiable. That could be an extra incentive for you to really research a person or company’s background too as it’s more likely that if they can relate with you then they are more prone to support you or at least give you the benefit of doubt. I would say that is very true if you are trying to get people to do things for a charity cause too.

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