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Participating In Events To Compete For Exposure

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Today is April Fools where you can of course expect a ton of media outlets and businesses to publish fake news and announcements in an effort to fool us all. I was thinking for myself most of the jokes and pranks can be debunked so fast with the Internet that it’d really hard to actually fool anyone. However, that doesn’t stop companies from doing it for example.

That kind of made me think where on this day if you essentially create a very good “prank” that gets a lot of attention the business would probably benefit a lot from it even if it doesn’t actually fool anyone. So even if you think the event it is silly maybe sometimes it’s in your best interest to participate. People will likely start to share the pranks that they find the most entertaining which is like a marketer’s dream to get all that free awareness and publicity for a company.

I guess a very common example is how retail stores participate in virtually every holiday theme even if no one in the company actually celebrates it themselves due to the lack of interest or not believing in it simply to capture the attention of the shopper to gain business.

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