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Panhandling Grandma Story

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Well this was an interesting video I saw as apparently there was an elder lady who had been panhandling for money in her town where quite a few people had donated to her. However, one of the donors then noticed that she was driving a better vehicle than him which made him rage as you can see in this video:

The main debate in all of this from what I gather is that she mentions that she wasn’t doing anything illegal. At the same time, the 78 year old grandma mentioned that she has a license to panhandle and doesn’t abuse the funds such as buying alcohol with it. What an interesting situation about donating money and what makes it right or wrong.

The biggest deal in all this is probably the car as seeing her with that probably makes most people think she isn’t doing enough for herself financially before asking other people to help her. Then again, the flip side of the debate is if you gave people like that money do you have a right to dictate how they spend it? In my personal opinion, it is a little misleading I would think.

Kind of reminds me of my story where a person kept asking me to loan him money yet he always insisted in buying things like soda drinks from a fast food restaurant. To me that potentially shows how one is looking for money so that they don’t have to change themselves and instead take advantage of the generosity of others. So I would tend to agree with the upset donor in this case. I don’t know the lady’s full story of course, but I guess this shows that you can’t stereotype people based on things like age and assume they are say more needy than someone else.

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