Paid Training

Paid Training

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As I mentioned before I have been reading this tutorials while having some fun to learn some new technical skills. While searching for tutorials on the topic I stumbled upon these ads where people were looking to hire people to do work in those fields. The thing was the compensation was so little to an average industry rate I guess you can say that people started to blast it. However, it was interesting as the ad specifically said they would mind like a student who is just learning.

I was just thinking though for that particular situation can’t it in many ways make sense if you are trying to improve your skills if you are on equal level to a new student attending a school? In some ways I guess you can say it’s almost like attending school except you are getting paid for it. I guess paid training is another way to look at it.

I suppose I understand that all those angry people are just trying to maintain a market rate for those that do have professional experience and don’t want people to be exploited which I would agree with. But for things like the above those are more meant for entry level. Either way, I know most people wouldn’t even think of trying to find something that will pay them to be trained as the natural inclination is to pay someone else to teach you.

That reminds me of a person that I know who has literally worked at a Mcdonald’s restaurant for years where he has rightfully climbed the ladders and became a restaurant manager. As you can expect one has to learn a lot of skills to do that position. In comparison there was another guy that literally worked at the same restaurant for a brief period of time opted to take a two year program at a school instead as he wanted to get into management. While both of them in the end got to do what they wanted to do career wise in working in the food industry in a management role, like that most people don’t think of the paid training type of path.

Funny enough with that specific example though the guy that stayed working at the Mcdonald’s restaurant ended up earning more thus far due to the natural wage increase and him not having to pay to be trained. Course there are many times it’s better to just pay for the training, but this is one thing that shouldn’t escape your mind I say as a legitimate option in learning and growing your skills.

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