Owning Too Many Items That Do The Same Thing
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Owning Too Many Items That Do The Same Thing

I noticed something funny today as a person I was meeting up with ha a bunch of stuff on his desk. Most noticeably he had an electric pencil sharpener as well as a small manual one. I then asked what was the point in spending money in buying both of them since it seems like a waste. The simple answer was that sometimes he is too lazy to sharpen things manually and so that is when he uses the electronic one.

I guess when you think about it we do this a lot for many things. For example, I know for things like computer software many people spend so much money buying so many different products that do the same thing. It’s just that one offers everything versus say one that is more point and click. Just makes you wonder how much money you could save and not to mention the clutter if you simply just discipline yourself to use one item for specific tasks if it can accomplish what you need. Options are great to have of course, but sometimes just sticking with the one item that works can be better.

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