Overpriced Funerals

Overpriced Funerals

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A topic came up today in regards to which industries people are most often taken advantage of financially and one of the biggest ones that popped up was the funeral industry. I was just looking at some of the examples too such as caskets that are four times the suggested price. As well, all these service add-ons such ways to prevent a corpse from decaying as fast. Almost like the extended warranties of a funeral service.

I bet when you ask most people too to research and plan ahead of time most people wouldn’t as the notion of planning for a future doesn’t exactly sound like a fun thing to do. Therefore, most of us just rely on purchasing everything when it comes to the actual day and just go with the prices that the operators tell you. I’m starting to think an easy way to educate people is to just have some kind of list to show how much money people would be making off of you as well as how much it costs to make things like caskets.

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