Option of Buying Cheaper Quality Items That Break Faster
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Option of Buying Cheaper Quality Items That Break Faster

I was looking at buying a n office chair this week and came across ones that ranged from $100 to $300 on average. I then saw that there was one for about $49 and not surprisingly a few reviews came up saying that these chairs breakdown pretty easily. A lot of the comments I was reading had people saying you should simply spend the money on a more expensive model as it will last longer.

That then made me think in terms of which one would be the better value in the long run. For example, spend $300 on an item that will most likely last three years plus or a $50 item that has a high chance of needing a replacement in six months to a year? I know for some items since things get outdated so fast that replacing it may not be a bad idea. For others it is a waste of time and creates waste. I am inclined to say in this case I guess it depends on how strongly you feel about having to constantly throw away a lot of old furniture.

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