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One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

I discovered this one million dollar challenge in a rather indirect way. I was just browsing the news and there seemed to have been an event recently that debunked a famous physic named Sylvia Brown as she told a family years ago on the Montel Williams show that their missing son was dead and gave specific details on the location of their son’s body and the kidnapper. Just recently, the boy has been found alive and the kidnapper was nothing close to what she described. The parents then claimed that previously after the Montel Williams show appearance Sylvia Brown offered her services to them in helping to find their son’s body for about $700 per 20 to 30 minutes of service. If that is true, I don’t see how people can sleep at night when they try and take advantage of people when they are at their weakest emotionally. This got me curious to research more about this physic.

Apparently in the past a person named James Randi who is known for challenging people who claim that they have some kind of paranormal, supernatural or pseudoscientific skills had actually challenged Sylvia Brown to prove that she actually has psychic abilities. The challenge is pretty simple where a person that claims that they have these types of abilities can win one million dollars if they can prove it under controlled conditions where you are pretty much monitored in everyway and can only use materials that are provided to you. It is listed on the James Randi Educational Foundation site at where you can read more about it.

I’ve never used a psychic myself before but like anything else whenever people tell me that they did some kind of reading that tells me what my future is going to be I personally treat it as a form of entertainment. Like they say, predict your own future in life by making it happen. For everyone that claims to have some kind of supernatural ability, here’s your great chance to prove it and to make a lot of money while you’re at it.

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