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One hour Long YouTube Ads Makes You Wonder About Marketing Budgets

While looking at some Youtube videos today an ad popped up in the beginning which is pretty normal nowadays. For this incident though the advertisement was one hour long. That just made me wonder how anyone would think that is a good idea where it probably costs a lot of money to put up an hour video ad. The actual video itself it was advertising on was only about 8 minutes too. From a marketing perspective too it makes me wonder do put just put money in for advertising and then hope it does well without much thought?

Generally speaking the reason why this ad was an hour long is because it seemed like it wasn’t an ad in the traditional sense like how you would see a 30 second commercial production on TV. Instead the person advertising decided to literally display its own video on another person’s video. Almost like a TV show literally showing its own entire TV show on another.

Does having too much money in a marketing budget cause people to make odd decisions like these? I am legitimately curious if someone would actually watch through the entire thing. Less is more is probably true in this case too.

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