On The Dollar of The Ticketed Price

On The Dollar of The Ticketed Price

I thought this was kind of an odd way to mention that there was a sale for this store that I passed by. Instead of simply mentioning that everything is a certain percentage off or manually marking all the items with the appropriate price it opted to use this signage as you can see.

It states that everything is “49 cents on the dollar of the lowest ticketed price” where from a distance it simply looked like everything was on sale for 49 cents. Based on the writing though, it would appear that if an item was $1 then it would cost you 49 cents. If an item was $10 then it would be $4.90 and so on. My immediate thought was that the items that were being sold must have extremely high margin to advertise a sale this way.

It made me wonder if advertising prices like this makes you want to buy something more as the idea of “49 cents” gets stuck in your head where it seems very inexpensive. At the same time, it could get you to want to stay at the store longer as you calculate in your head on what the final price for an item would be. Would 50% off not sound as good?

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