Offering Too Much Extra Value For Free

Offering Too Much Extra Value For Free

A person was telling me recently that he rented a condo he owned to a tenant that seemed pretty eager to move in.  He was organized financially too it seemed so it seemed like a good fit. Afterwards the tenant apparently asked for more things such as if he could get free Internet access by using their wi-fi connection.  While initially the range didn’t give adequate signal, the tenant then pestered them to do things such as moving the modem closer to the tenant’s room below which would require things like a longer cable.

I was thinking how while it can be a nice gesture, when people start asking you to go out of your way to change things around to give them things for free it is kind of going overboard.  I know for myself this kind of generosity usually just results in being taken advantage of.  Therefore, it’s one of those scenarios where you have to separate business and personal responsibilities.  Unless you made them promises in the beginning of course then that is a different story.  You need to make sure your finances are taken care of to stay afloat too.

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