Offering To Pay You When You Don’t Expect It

Offering To Pay You When You Don’t Expect It

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Yesterday I volunteered my time for a production as my mindset was that I was doing this for fun to help a person out. I have never actually worked with the person before as well and so I thought it would be a good way to meet others too. At the end of the day the person actually offered to pay people for their efforts. He expressed that he recognized the hard work and energy that people invested in to help him with his project and so he wanted to compensate people for it.

It’s a nice gesture you can say. It actually does go a long way in wanting to work with the person more not so much because of the money itself, but rather it demonstrates a sign of respect in many ways. Just for the record, I have been suckered to trust people this way as well where it happened to be what I thought was a sweet old lady. It turned out this tactic was used to manipulate me to trust her with a bill that she ended up not paying and instead took all the work I did for her. So there are definitely two sides to this generosity.

But for this case, there didn’t seem to be anything non-genuine about it where it was someone doing more than expected. They often say doing more than expected is what you should do to build solid relationships in any way.

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