Offering Too Much To The Point of Exhaustion

Offering Too Much To The Point of Exhaustion

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Today I was watching that WrestleMania 34 event where for the most part there were a ton of entertaining moments. The interesting thing was there were a lot of people who were concerned about the time as it was apparently scheduled to last about 7 hours or so. In some ways that is odd from a business where if people are paying a ton of money for an event then the more you give should be better right?

What I did see was that after one of the matches that was highly anticipated, the debut of Ronda Rousey, the crowd was so fired up that it seemed like they lost a lot of energy. Then as the show went on it seems like they got extremely tired and restless at times. It kind of made me think of that where is it better to never offer people too much to the point where they will get tired of something per se?

I know for places like a restaurant offering too much is more directly cost related such as if you give gigantic portions where you don’t make a profit then you won’t stay in business. But in the sense of offering a service where in this case it is entertainment should you always be sure to five just enough to satisfy to prevent a situation like the above? It probably is a good idea in many ways as you can then save some good ideas for later while having people wanting more.

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