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Offering Free Things For Your Local Community To Build A Base Foundation

Today I was invited to go to an amusement park here called Playland as one of my friend had this free neighborhood pass to attend it. From what I gather the organization gave everyone around the neighborhood a free pass for about three hours to enjoy the rides for free. I would imagine this is a good way to encourage further business potentially since everyone around the neighborhood is most likely to attend on a whim. As well locals can often be more excited to tell others about what is great in their neighborhoods.

It kind of makes me think how many people say when you are starting out in some kind of business focusing on a core base of sorts is a wise move as that gives you the foundation to work with. While obviously this organization has been around for a long time I can only imagine that making sure the core people around the area supports the attraction is a wise move.

You often hear this a lot for restaurants specifically where businesses definitely try and target locals. Once everyone else sees the lineups and reviews naturally others from different areas will start to be interested as well. Like there too a local is probably more likely to be the main repeat customers of sort. Local community is important.

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