Oddly Trusting The Business With An Outdated Looking Website

Oddly Trusting The Business With An Outdated Looking Website

So recently I have been trying search for potential dentists to go to in order to check up on my teeth and like most people I would start my search online for places near me. You are then greeted with a ton of sites with many businesses having a review section on Google reviews. As you can imagine, having a lot of positive comments or negative ones can greatly influence the decision making factor.

This was the funny thing I thought though. For the businesses with a ton of positive reviews it actually made me skeptical as to whether or not they are genuine. That’s why I immediately look at the harshest reviews to see if there are any consistent themes. For example, bad service or price gouging. Eventually my research led to some companies that didn’t have many reviews overall but had consistent positive experience across many sites.

In looking at their website as well it looked like it was made over a decade ago in terms of design and functionality. So that should be the sign to run away right? You would think so normally for a retail business as an example. But in this case I was thinking it’s a dentist that probably has to outsource all their tech stuff and doesn’t think much of it. In fact, the less glitz and glamour in context actually worked for it oddly enough as it comes across as more trustful. It’s like comparing buying a computer from a person that is not wearing the expensive clothing but everyone says that he knows his stuff. Versus what looks to be a super upscale salesmen with mixed reviews.

It’s just funny to think about as people often spends tens of thousands of dollars for branding and imaging yet in this case the company with the last amount of work on it comes out as the most trustful to potentially win you as the new customer.

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