Novelty Costs of Dining Out
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Novelty Costs of Dining Out

Today I was at a birthday party at this pizza restaurant where kids have the option to make their own pizza. Essentially, they would get a pizza dough and then an adult would give them the sauce and toppings to put on it where it will then be heated up for them to eat. One person was saying how they wanted to have their birthday at the same place because of that. It’s not exactly a large pizza too as it is smaller than an average apple pie I’d say. The cost was pretty high too as it was about $8 for this for each child.

I was just thinking how easy one can do this at home where the child would probably have just as much fun and enjoyment out of it without having to pay a novelty price from doing it at a restaurant. For $8 you could probably buy enough items to make a couple of large pizzas while providing more options. The only time I think it would be worth it is if making the food item requires a lot of different resources that are not worth investing for you to simply do something once.

Reminds me of these food documentaries I saw and the costs such as this desert where simply sprinkling on this line of icing into a cake piece automatically jacks the price up of the item by $1. But aside from those, I mainly see dining out in these instances is more if you don’t want to clean up the mess of having a party at your own place. It’s almost like you are paying them to use the space if you have a bunch of kids that will make a mess at the table.

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