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The Notion of Coaching People To Use Legal Loopholes

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Recently there has been a lot of controversy here relating to the real estate market as the complaint is that housing is so expensive due to foreign investors buying up a ton of property where they don’t really live it in. Instead they purchase it as an investment just to hopefully flip it for more money afterwards. As a result a foreign buyer tax has been introduced where such people would have to pay an additional 15% fee.

The funny thing is a lot of people I heard was just saying that people can easily get around this by simply putting the property under the name of someone else. A little more surprising was how there is apparently a real estate company that was actually suggesting on how people can easily bypass this new rule as well. Would you ever think twice about doing something like this where as the business you try and advise your clients to potentially go through loopholes like this?

I have seen this plenty of times in other forms as well. A common example are schools that try and coach people on how they can say get government grants for money in order to pay for their super expensive courses. I can only imagine the bad impression one’s business could get by suggesting such things too. Like in this case I was reading so many comments on how these people would be dubbed as like real estate crooks or something like that. Would this be one of those “just business” though since technically there is nothing wrong with it?

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