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Not Being Sure of The Deals You Are Getting

I had a funny scenario today where a person who used the same Internet provider as me found out that I was using a faster Internet now where of course it is more expensive than the previous plan. He was then telling me he got that new plan for free as part of an early bird type of special. I was insistent that he must be mistaken as the service never existed back then. As well, the way he described the promotion made me think of a past one where it involved giving people free high speed wi-fi modem upgrades.

He was still insistent that he did have the same plan as me and so I went to check my old e-mails to dig out that promotional offer he was talking about. Sure enough, it was simply giving people free modem upgrades as opposed to the speed of the service. Afterwards he was a little dumbfounded by it all it seems. From what I gather he probably read keywords such a “free” and “high speed” which made him think that it was related to the service in general.

Kind of makes you think if there are things like this in your life where you are not actually getting what you think you are paying for. It never hurts to ask someone in your social circle who are knowledgeable about the topics at hand before jumping into something.

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