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Not So Dollar Stores

This felt kind of silly today as I went to a store called “Buck or Two” as I had to buy an HDMI cable in a time sensitive manner. Basically this is like a dollar store where you would expect everything to be around that price. However, so much of the inventory was well over $5 and even this cable itself was over $8. This didn’t really seem like a dollar store at all and that the name is simply a gimmick.

In the end I did end up buying the item there as most of the other stores were asking for over $25 for pretty much the same item. Makes me wonder if this isn’t considered a little misleading. A the same time I guess it’s not like a company that labels themselves as “the best” or “the biggest” in its name where even if it isn’t true it wouldn’t really get into any kind of trouble for it. Come to think of it for “Dollar Stores” I think most of them I see around here have all its items starting at $2.

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