Not Showing Interest In Specific Items

Not Showing Interest In Specific Items

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A person was telling me the other day that when it comes to certain services like your cell phone and it’s time to renegotiate a new plan you should always avoid telling the person that you are interested in a specific item or deal. Example, like in this case saying you want a certain phone. She was saying that when the person knows that you really want something specific it gives them more leverage as odds are you will cave in easier. This is as opposed to just having them give you the best service deal in general regardless if things like the devices that you want to use with it.

Example, I was told of a person that called a center asking for a good service plan for an iPhone. Not surprisingly the person was presented with rate plans were okay as the company knew that they wanted that item bad. However, the next time he called in just wanting the best phone plan compared to what the competitors offered as well. Sure enough he got a plan that was a lot better and was simply given a large credit to buy whatever phone he wanted.

When you think about it this is such an easy thing to do yet we overlook it many times for some reason. Almost like an age old scenario of a salesperson dropping the price to entice you to buy it instead if you normally don’t have any interest in it. As opposed to you showing desperation in wanting it.

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