Not Much Money Based On Cost or Your Income
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Not Much Money Based On Cost or Your Income

Today I went to a restaurant for a family outing and as usual people fight over in wanting to try and pay for the bill. The bill was about $100 which wasn’t too bad considering the amount of people. The interesting thing was that the person that snagged the bill was not currently working as she was semi retired. A comment was then made that the bill is only not much if you had money coming in.

I tend to always look at bills that way too in determining if something is “not much” to buy something. Example, I know dining out is usually a major money killer for many people. So while say a $5 meal for lunch may not be “much” I would rather look at it from your entire income point of view. For example, some people only make say $12/hour. When you look at it from that perspective that $5 can seem a lot.

Examples like that is why I’d say it is better to always look at how much you actually have when you are spending versus price comparing the costs from different vendors.

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