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Not Making Event Tickets Completely Free

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I was reading a story how in the US the president Trump had a gathering where there was allegedly almost a million people or so who registered for tickets to go to a rally. On the actual day though the turnout was very small which made people wonder what happened? Were people simply too afraid to go out due to the pandemic? One speculation that was kind of funny if true was that teens were spreading the event through social media as the goal was for people to register but not actually attend. Essentially to be some kind of prank.

It made me think where if you were hosting some kind of event would you attach a fee for the sake of screening people out that are truly serious? Usually if it is a networking meeting as an example you would want it to be free to attract more people. However, there is a higher risk with that as people are more likely to register and not actually care about showing up. That can cost you time and money if you made accommodations for a large group as an example.

So would you attach a fee to avoid that? I have actually seen some people charge a fee where people don’t realize that once they show up they are actually given a full refund as it is simply used as a way to screen out a flake per se. Interesting tactic I must say. I know some people also have a process where you will deposit say $15 and they make it known that it’s only if you don’t show up that you won’t get a refund. In some cases having some kind of system like that may not be a bad idea.

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