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Not Knowing The Full Potential Of Your Expensive Equipment

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Remember how mentioned for a Christmas gift I bought my nephew a pretty pricey portable audio recorder to record his music as that is one of the things he aspires to do? You can pretty much do a lot of things that most professionals do with it in order to record studio quality sound. So what was interesting was that I got a message from him today asking if I had a USB microphone he could borrow as he needed to record his piano music on video and needs to hook up a mic to his computer for better quality.

Of course I was wondering why he didn’t hook up his digital recorder to the PC as it actually has a built in mic and plenty of output connections to connect to a pc and start recording high quality sound. From what I gather he simply didn’t know you could do that. I thought he would as he told me that he was reading the manual when he opened it initially.

But it got me to think how many people do this where they have really expensive and top notch gear which they never truly fully utilize. Therefore, at times they buy other items thinking what they have can’t do the job when in reality it could. I find that’s why it’s useful to watch free tutorials or people just using the same items you do in an effort to make you fully aware of everything you can potentially do with your equipment. I am sure kitchen appliances would be a common area where people think they need to buy more stuff when they really don’t.

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