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Not Investing In Permanent Solutions

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So recently here there are a ton of warnings that we are going to get a lot of snow which means people should be prepared such as having the proper winter tires for their cars. Despite this being a yearly occurrence it just seems like for the most part people are unprepared. This of course results in a lot of last minute purchases or even unfortunate accidents that are preventable. It makes you wonder here where even though any kind of purchase would simply be a seasonal solution, if it happens every year wouldn’t it be better to invest in something long-term?

Usually if you are only going to use something for the short term then it can make sense not to spend too much money on the item. For example, if it is tech related more than likely something bigger and better will come along by the time you actually need to use something of that nature. Would be silly to spend two thousand dollars for something you use maybe five times just for it to be obsolete quickly.

But in cases like this such as a tire for the car don’t you end up saving way more time and money by investing in something permanent where you can easily just pull it out when needed? In scenarios like these it kind of make more sense financially. I’d be inclined if everyone is buying things because of a sudden event as well that you may end up paying more due to supply and demand.

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