Not Everywhere Is An Advertising Opportunity

Not Everywhere Is An Advertising Opportunity

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Usually when people start out in anything they begin to search for ways to get their products and services known to people. As a result of this many people often advertise their business in the most awkward situations. For example, imagine going to some kind of event such as a funeral where you are supposed to be there to pay your respect to the deceased yet you then always follow up the conversation with what you sell. I actually never understood why people thought that would be a good idea.

Recently I saw this person commenting on a site where he left a pretty good remark that helped to add some details to the conversation. Yet at the end he just decides to put a bunch of links to his products and services that aren’t in any way relevant to the discussion. Why would you think that is a good idea as it in many ways takes away the focus from what you contributed?

Funny enough, I think the better thing to do is to just naturally contribute in a genuine way in these instances. I have often found that even for myself if someone contributes intelligent and thought provoking information you are inclined to want to learn about them more which in turn can mean getting that exposure you are looking for.

It just seems better to do it that way in my view as you can maintain a good relationship with everyone that way as well.

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