Not Being Afraid To Tip What You Want
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Not Being Afraid To Tip What You Want

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The other day I went to the restaurant with my dad where he instead in paying the bill and the waitress handed him the device to process the credit card. He paused for awhile as my assumption was he was just a little intimated with machine and all the keys. But apparently the reason why he stopped was because the options to tip the restaurant were all set at a rate higher than what he would normally pay.

He wanted to pay 10% and the default choice was 12% and the rest was higher. So he was confused as to how to change it. With the waitress standing there I can see how some people would just click the first option and get it over with. So he handed it to me and the process involved having to click the “other” option and manually entering the amount you want.

It’s a little weird to think how nowadays you need to actually train yourself to be confident to tip places on what you actually feel is right as most people feel socially embarrassed or awkward not to tip people super high rates if those are the options presented. At the end of the day a tip should be just that. Something optional. I have heard horror stories of staff members actually scolding customers for not tipping them the default high rates like in this case. But ultimately you have to do what is right and works for your finance too.

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