North Korea Buys Giant Rabbits To Solve Food Shortages
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North Korea Buys Giant Rabbits To Solve Food Shortages

For this story when I read it today, it wasn’t so much the context of the story at first that really caught my attention but rather this picture:

That is one huge rabbit huh? I still can’t believe that is real. In a nutshell, the story is about a man named Karl Szmolinsky who lives in Germany and is apparently known for breeding giant rabbits like the one you see in that picture. He has just recently been offered a contract by North Korea to purchase some of these rabbits as a way to boost meat production in the country to help solve food shortages. On top of that, he is apparently going to North Korea to set up a breeding farm for these giant rabbits.

He did briefly mention what he fed these rabbits to get them to become so big and he mentioned a lot of ordinary stuff such as carrots and a lot of other vegetables. The interesting note I thought was that he specifically said that these rabbits ate a lot and that North Korea would have to be able to find enough food to feed them properly. In some ways that is kind of strange when you think about it as if they are already having a food supply problem, you’d think that with all those vegetables that you are feeding the rabbits it could be used to feed the people instead. Either way, this will be stuck in my head for awhile.


  • saleem 1/30/2007

    i would like to contact Mr Szmolinsky concerning his gaint rabbits
    I would like to buy for my country is now introducing rabbit meat to the population as an alternative source of meat instead of chicken

  • Dharma 2/8/2007

    Why dont you bloat your own offspring with chemicals and sell them off to foreign countries to “solve” the food shortage problem?
    Bloating animals with food to solve a food shortage?
    Why is this a good idea to anyone?
    Eating a rabbit?
    Why is that a good idea to anyone?
    Wake up world.

  • Remi 2/8/2007

    I agree with Dharma- I believe people who overstuff animals to increase food rations is the most ludacris idea ever. First of all if you really wanted food, you would want it to keep you healthy to promote survival. Overstuffing an animal and then eating it is likely the same as an extra value meal from McDonalds- watch the movie. People who endagner animals with chemicals and over-feeding should be treated the same way. I don’t know what is worse- stuffing the bunny or actually purchasing it as food. Why don’t we start sending the over stimulated overweight idiots who come up with these ideas to foreign countries as food- we all know there is a large surplus in America.

  • Kim 2/21/2007


    I am from Malaysia and would like to contact Mr Szmolinsky concerning his giant rabbits. Similarly, I would like to bring in some rabbits to the country as an alternative source of meat for chicken. Appreciate it if you could provide me his emailing address.

    Thank you.

  • Terry Taylor 2/22/2007

    Hello Mr. Szmolinsky I hope you are having a great day. I am writing to ask you how do I go about buying one of your gaint rabbits. My wife has made several hints that she was expecting a gaint rabbit for Easter. She has had several rabbits over the 21 years we have been together, one named oreo like the cookie. I recall that rabbit running all over the house setting in her lap even using a litter box like a cat. My only concern is I will wake up with this gaint rabbit in the bed with us. Any way enough of that…Easter is just around the corner I hope you can help me.

    Terry Taylor

  • Terry Taylor 2/26/2007

    Hello again, just wondering if someone could provide me with Mr. Szmolinsky email address for I would like to purchase a gaint rabbit for my wife for Easter.

    Terry Taylor

  • john 3/7/2007

    I think this is one of the most ignornant things I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’m from Birmingham, Al. To think people would over-stuff an animal the size of a cat, to the point of it growing to the size of a dog or a person, is ridiculous and they should be shot. I believe that the exisitance of man-kind should be preserved but not to the point of playing god with god’s creations.

  • Abdulla 2/10/2008

    ok now thats sexy to ****

  • 09RT2 8/3/2009

    How could anyone ever want to eat the rabbits ? Why not just love them ?

  • alex 11/6/2009

    Hi, I’m alex from canada and have a farm in calgary alberta. For a present to my mother I would love to get her one of these rabbits,that will live at the barn. I would appreciate Mr. Szmolinsky’s email or info to contact someone who will help me with my request.


  • Kaleb Horkoff 10/25/2010

    Wow that’s such a big rabbit. I wish i had one.

  • Regan H 6/30/2011

    It must have took years of breeding flamish giants to get them that big. Not what he fed them, it was his breeding program. Geez you city people don’t know anything about animals or breeding “down with the H$U$!!!

  • Jordan Landrum 10/7/2011

    I want one so bad where are you located i live in orlando florida please call me leave me a message 407-629-8505

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