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No Shame in Stepping Aside From Roles You Can’t Handle

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This was a little unfortunate as was hearing how a person literally has some kind of disability that makes him extremely anxious and impatient at times. His task was to handle some very basic social media posts where on the surface it should be really simple. He was essentially the business owner and wanted to be hands on with everything. As it turned out though he really couldn’t handle managing a ton of posts at once while interacting with people at the same time online. So instead of just saying he needed someone else to handle it he just kept himself there and at times did nothing. That was very bad for the business of course.

I think we have to remember that we aren’t the best at everything and sometimes certain people are better for the job. Like here you really have to put your ego aside and do what’s best for the business as they say. If anything, finding and allowing people who are better at certain roles is a sign of a good business owner too where they can effectively recruit and mange people. This is as opposed to thinking that if you don’t do everything yourself in every way then that means you are a failure of sort.

Again, we all have our own strengths. As long as you respect each position that’s all you really need ultimately if you actually have the ability to pass the role onto people who can do a great job. No one wins with like the scenario above.

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