Having No Idea What To Charge For A Service When Asked

Having No Idea What To Charge For A Service When Asked

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Today something funny happened as I was approached by a company who was interested in one of my platforms where they wanted me to do a review of sorts for their product. While that is pretty common they asked me how much I would charge for such a thing. The odd thing for me was that I didn’t exactly do this for a business so I don’t really have any rates per se for what they are asking. So what would you do there?

People often give the examples of simple calculate it by determining how much you want to earn in a day and then divide that by the amount of hours you would work. That would then enable to create your hourly rate. The other ways I hear is some people literally just make u a rate on the fly and see how it goes. For example like here someone could literally just say “$100” and see what the market tells them.

At times what would happen there is when a person gets too busy they will keep increasing the rate until they find the best balance. It’s interesting how spontaneous people can get in creating a fee where there is no real logic to it in the beginning.

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