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Nintendo Wii

So today Nintendo announced that the official name for its new console, that is suppose to debut around Christmas this year, is called the Wii (Pronounced as in “We”). For those who don’t know, the original codename for the system was the “Nintendo Revolution”. I’m not sure what to think about it as when I first read about it I thought it was simply a joke. I must admit, even I thought it was strange. Already I’m reading comments from people mocking the name such as people calling it the “We We”. Apparently too, the company does not want to identify it as the “Nintendo Wii” but rather just “Wii”.

Although the name sounds a bit crazy, I’m definitely interested to see how the company markets this one. Who knows, maybe the master plan was to make the name so odd that people like myself will constantly talk about it to others in order to speculate about it.

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