New Years 2020
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New Years 2020

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Happy new year everyone. This is technically the start of a new decade. Everyone usually comes up with some kind of New Year’s resolution at this time. I never really been one to do stuff like that as it almost feels like many times it’s about breaking bad habits. My goal as always is to learn and grow continuously as you can never stop learning. What can I do that’s actually new is the question for me I suppose usually.

I usually start by greeting everyone happy new years to the people I know. Sometimes you don’t hear responses from people where maybe that’s a sign on a shift of focus too in terms of who you should start to spend more time with in terms of changing things up. You usually start to absorb traits of the people you hang around with a lot as well. That could mean different experience in a way too I suppose if it is different people.

Either way, have a happy new years everyone!

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