New Years 2014
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New Years 2014

Happy new years everyone. I know a lot of people usually create new years resolutions and such today and at the same time the criticism comes where most people don’t follow through with them. I usually use the new years a way to clean things up such as services that I will no longer be subscribing to or thinking of things to get rid of which is simply clutter. People call this Spring cleaning usually but I think the new years is a good time to start.

Seems more productive too where it’s more about getting a clean start and then seeing where life takes you whether it be going with a different business direction or maybe even financial plans. For me usually too I try to learn some kind of new skill each year. This year I was thinking of learning a new language. Now it’s mostly figuring out what is the best way to do this as ideally living in another country for awhile would be the best way but that would disrupt everything else in my life. So at the moment I am thinking of some kind of class at night. Either way, happy 2014 everyone.

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