New Canadian Copyright Laws Are Making Consumers Worried
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New Canadian Copyright Laws Are Making Consumers Worried

The buzz around here is that there is a possibility next month that there will be new laws that will be introduced in Canada in regards to our copyright laws. Apparently, the new law is going to be a lot stricter to the point that it may not even have a “fair use” clause for ordinary consumers. While the exact details are unknown at this point, the fear right now is that the new law will be so strict that even simply taping a TV show so that you can watch it later will be deemed as breaking the law and the person can then be subject to penalties. If you think about it that means even using a PVR device with its timeshifting features can leave one vulnerable to prosecution.

I must say, that is one crazy law to pass if there is no form of a fair use or fair dealing protection for consumers. Of course, this is all speculation right now and we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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