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The Need To Waste Money To Learn Finance And Budgeting

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One way that is often good to get you to realize that your dollar can go a long way is by making stupid purchases where looking back you realize at how many other things you could have used that money on. But it was interesting today to hear a group of people semi joking about spending money recreationally. Basically someone couldn’t play a mobile game as he ran out of free credit of sort for the day but you could use real money to purchase some. He didn’t want to and so his friends then bugged him about how if he didn’t just spend $100 drinking alcohol he would have so much left for that.

Then other people around were saying that’s a good point and they thought about it as if that kind of comparison was very new to them. It made me think how wasting money can sure be a good way to actually make people better at managing money. Because like here the memory of that moment may be long lasting in the sense of if you decide to blow $100 on something quickly again that experience can help you to think twice.

Not to say you shouldn’t ever have fun and all. If you are good at saving and have no debt where everything is under control then why not in many ways. But thinking how one money sink could have enabled you to do more of a different money sink is a different way of looking at it. Almost like the saying of how you will learn to block or dodge faster once you actually get hit the first time.

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